We don't like big brands, we hate chain pubs and we're sick to death of chain shops and the fact that nearly every British town centre looks exactly the same as the next. What we need is more individuality, more creativity and more variety. The last thing the Southampton Arms wants is to be part of a brand or chain, be it real or perceived.

Despite the visual similarity highlighted here (top image of The Southampton Arms courtesy of Ewan_M, other two of the Jolly Butchers) we would like to make it clear that we have nothing to do with the Jolly Butchers gastro pub in stoke Newington, they merely copied our sign, pretty much exactly.

We like the jolly butchers, it's a great pub and we wish them success however it is disheartening when customers come in to the Southampton arms and ask if we are part of a chain. Or worse, suggest that we copied their sign, hence the need to set the record straight here.

When we opened late in 2009 Martin from the Jolly Butchers was a regular customer at the Southampton arms and spoke openly about his plan to open a similar pub in stoke Newington, we where encouraging of his plans, the more pubs selling decent beer the better, right? Then, to our amazememt, our sign appeared hanging from the Jolly Butchers. The thinking behind it remains a mystery.

Given their obvious lack of imagination we would like to suggest a few alternative signs they may consider (preferably in a different type face): 'Beer house and kitchen', ' World beer and food house', 'International Beer keller', ' Craft beer: keg, cask and bottle' etc. etc.

So long as our sign remains in more than one location so shall this explanation.